This is my open source knowledge base. If i had to explain – what is the difference between Open Source and Closed Source software – i would say – Open Source software is (usually) made with love.

Love or not – capitalism keeps spinning faster and faster – and linux is simply more efficient, secure and powerful – and yes: lately the usability has gained massively. So there is really no reason not to boot it up – give it a plug and „it just works“ test drive with my super fast debian based ideal linux boot stick 🙂

This OpenSource KnowledgeBase is dedicated to empower you to use OpenSource software – that treat its users fair and protect your privacy from dictatorship.

Unfortunately we do not live in the time of StarTrek yet – where mankind does not need debt-created-money anymore and can freely use it’s precious lifetime on the topics it finds most important. Please donate today to help empower more users to use OpenSource software.

Thank you!

Feel free to comment and recommend 🙂

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