Inside VirtualBox i can play CounterStrike… but it seems to not be possible to get the Android-Device Emulator to work… because of missing hardware accleration.


android studio on windows xp virtualbox vm

What you will need:

1. android studio bundle:

direct link:

2. Oracle JDK:

direct link:

android studio windows 1GB download


android studio windows xp device emulator fails hardware accleration


android studio sdk manager icon start


Make sure you have installed

HAXM installer

on your SDK Manager.

install missing

After you download it and make sure you run the setup located in: {SDK_FOLDER}\extras\intel\Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager\intelhaxm.exe

Note: in Android Studio, the command „intelhaxm.exe“ has been changed to „intelhaxm-android.exe“

If you get the error „VT not supported“ during the installation disable Hyper-V on windows features. You can execute this command

dism.exe /Online /Disable-Feature:Microsoft-Hyper-V

. You will also need „Virtualization Technology“ to be enabled on your BIOS