… the same document in LibreOffice.

It looks exactly the same.

So a lot of Europeans State organs want to break free from the Vendor lock. But the Vendor is financing massive lobbying against this process.

Often it is NOT EVEN KNOWN how much public tax payer’s money goes into Microsoft’s pockets.

It is probably 200€ per Computer-Client per Worker per YEAR.

130 Millionen € for France alone.

Often Bill Gates visits a country’s leader and suddenly a lot of tax payer’s money flows into the Microsoft direction.

What does the citizen / nation states have from an European Union, that does not help each other?

Europe a Software-Colony – Microsoft – PLEASE SPY ON US!

it security

in terms of it-security it is the same in nature – if all systems/humans were exact copies – they would share the same flaws and would be compromised and even killed by the same viruses/attacks.

Therefore it is CRUCIAL to have biodiversity not only on the fields / in nature but also in the it-landscape.

Monoculture means DEATH.