Strange Cigar Shaped visitor Asteroid Oumuamua and ice clouds

„the first interstellar object ever seen in our solar system, named ‘Oumuamua, is giving scientists a fresh perspective on the development of planetary systems.“ (src: NASA)

Scientists conclude that interstellar object ‚Oumuamua must be very elongated because of its dramatic variations in brightness as it tumbled through space.
And it has a very interesting „sling shot“ orbit:
They also conclude that vents on the surface must have emitted jets of gases, giving the object a slight boost in speed, which researchers detected by measuring the position of the object as it passed by in 2017.
Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech


Now the strangest part: A hacker McKinnon claims to have hacked NASA and reported photos of a cigar shaped space craft that were censored by NASA. But he was „unable“ to hit „print screen“ and make and publish a screenshot. So we will never know. A hacker that can hack NASA but not make a screenshot? Well… with most people it’s the other way around.

„UFO“ claims as real or unreal they are at least serve a real purpose: Justify in a „lunacris“ way the military justifies it’s budget for InterContinental Ballistic (nuclear) Missiles (ICBM) or „nukes“ and other expensive „space weapons“ that would be needed – even without an enemy as the Soviet Union – to exist and developed further – as defense against possible hostile aliens.

It is what Mr Braun’s secretary called „the last card“.

The Problem of Power Electricity in Space:

Most space craft are solar powered or nuclear heated – but some even have nuclear fision reactors on board: such as the 1965 Snap 10A that will re-enter earth’s atmoshere in 3000 years.