You can bet that there are spy chips on your phone, laptop, workstation, server – be it US-Israel (IntelME) or Chinese.

US-China trade tensions and what globalization means: Globalization means – you don’t know what’s in your product!

This is true for vegetables (pesticides) and computers (spy chips).

Now that survival of mankind is 100% dependent on money and exchange, transfer and money itself becomes increasingly digitized any disruption in this area causes havoc.

(90% of all money only exists as zeros and ones on hard disks… this is how the crazy giro-fiat money system out of thin air by private banks by lending works)

According to Bloomberg: Tiny Chinese spy chips were embedded onto Super Micro motherboards that were then sold to companies in the US, including Amazon and Apple, reports Bloomberg. The report has attracted strenuous denials from Amazon, Apple, and Super Micro.

„Today, Bloomberg upped the stakes in its contentious story around Chinese tampering of Supermicro hardware, citing Yossi Appleboum CEO of Sepio Systems. Here is that story. I reached out to Mr. Appleboum for comment via telephone. Whereas the Bloomberg story singles out Supermicro servers, Mr. Appleboum’s sentiment is that:

„this is an industrywide issue“

„supply chain never ends“

„Supermicro would have no idea what happens later in the supply chain“

NEWS: VestaCP control panel – a software – hit by supply chain attack X-D

„The main issue is that we have a problem. It is global. This is why I think Supermicro is suffering from the big players. I am talking about the really big players who know that they have the same problem, and they are kind of using the story right now to throw Supermicro under the bus instead of coming out and saying that it is a global problem, let’s fix it and find a solution.“

„We are spending $100B on software related attacks, but near zero for hardware attacks. That is irresponsible and that is the problem that we need to fix.“

„I think they are innocent and someone is using them to dilute the story instead of mitigating the threat. Please help me, them, and everyone else to understand that the problem is bigger. Dealing with this as a Supermicro problem will ruin the opportunity to face the reality that we need to fix it.“


The Russians do not produce hardware with security holes – they just use what security holes others put into it! X-D

that’s why we need: hardware with open source plans and software.

where you can be sure what chip does what.