it is super slow, but for copying small files it works.

if /mnt/cifs/here is owned by non-root user, also non-root users are allowed to mount.
(which is rather tricky with mount cifs)

# setup software
apt install sshfs
yum install sshfs
# as root create mount point
mkdir -p /mnt/cifs/here
# hand over ownership to non-root user
chown -R user:user /mnt/cifs/here
# try to mount
sshfs user@ip.of.your.server:/mount/this/folder/ /mnt/cifs/here -o idmap=user -o uid=$(id -u) -o gid=$(id -g)

# if it complains
fuse: unknown option `idmap=user'
# just leave out -o idmap=user