get a ssh server app, like the very excellent SSHDroid:


unofficially: (if you trust this server)

sha512sum SSHDroid_2.1.2_44.apk 
535ec2e1ae2153fe5cb99bcd5ebaaf580b4d1358c77c9bb134f0ecde4601dc0f53c918b95c856a92d8373309ea95e83052a93529a49ef35c196819517b40bd2e  SSHDroid_2.1.2_44.apk

if you are running a custom rom, have rooted your phone and AFWall+ Firewall installed… you will need to allow „(Root) Apps with Root-rights“ in LAN

(DO NOT FORGET TO CLICK THE … 3x DOTS TOP RIGHT CORNER AND CLICK ON „APPLY“ or your rules will not be applied!)

set a password… default passwords are evil.

go back to home screen, stop/start the SSHDroid (maybe even try to restart your phone)

make sure it shows „ready“ / „bereit“

… with the password you specified in the options.

# now you can do cool things like htop ("taskmanager")
# dmesg (boot messages)
# checkout what kernel it is running
uname -a
Linux localhost 3.10.73-ge8c57cd #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Feb 24 06:35:00 UTC 2019 armv8l

# checkout apps and connections
netstat -pantu
# so you can see the ip of the telegram server
tcp        0      0       ESTABLISHED 9153/org.telegram.messenger
# this is a rather strange connection...
# guess it is just the ip that SSHDroid tries to load adds from
tcp        1      0       CLOSE_WAIT  13865/

or just show all files of the / root partition:

interesting to look at…

PS: ping can work, but maybe is blocked.