The EU data protection law GDRP is bugging a lot of companies costing millions and billions in changes to their systems.

It is a first step but still too many EU citizens rely on privacy invasive services from Facebok(WhatsApp) and Google.

Will we compute in the next 10 years on free hardware without spying chips?

Will we compute on free software without spying backdoors?

It is important to not become over euphoric but also not cynic about what can be done.

Also this is no political statement – one is not against or pro protests – but we all shall be for science and truth because only truth can make mankind develop.

if anyone is still wondering why protection of privacy – by all means one can take – is so important:

„Privacy and anonymity can decide on life and death.“

auto translated from:

it is essential to keep an open honest communications and dialogue going.

but of course: as all technology can be used for good and evil, but this is completely out of the hands of the developer and one can safely assume: 90% or more of all people will use it for good.

Tools to protect your privacy:

Short Interview: DuckDuckGo Founder Gabriel Winberg: Why privacy matters:

  • move away from Google and Facebook (WhatsApp) „tracking you the most“