use GNU Linux on a daily basis on all machines. run windows virtualized for various tasks and as a gaming station.

but also have to support clients using Win 10.

So here is why one would NOT use it.

What the Open Source community shall do better: listen to the users and create high quality well tested reliable secure robust fast sleak software that makes the everyday life better for millions and millions.

  • Cortana the Microsoft version of Siri… is ALWAYS LISTENING to whatever microphone might be available.
  • „The Mail App“ (whatever this is) seems to be the default Mail program fore sharing Links in Firefox? (wtf Mozilla?)
    • one can try to set system-wide Thunderbird as default Mail program like this:
    • but still… when clicking on „share via Mail“ links on websites in Firefox… the stupid Mail App pops up asking for mail accounts.
    • Why does Firefox not automatically detect if Thunderbird is installed and use it as default Mail program?
    • this is how to fix it:
      • Firefox set default mail program:
        • one will have to navigate to C:\Program… Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe
    • according to znet it is possible via admin powershell to uninstall those preinstalled apps.