winning influence and elections with Facebook’s / Your mother’s and Creepy Uncle’s Data Policy Statement and Data Privacy – Datenschutzerklärung

Data Privacy Statement is in German: „Datenschutzerklärung“ is it really that bad? yes it is. checkout this screenshot from one of Facebook’s main (ex?) partners Acxiom’s–more-than-you-think–not-all-of-it-true.html „There may be some fake news on Facebook, but the power of […]

JavaScript is evil

We all – except Node.js people and those that want JavaScript to control nuclear power plants – have seen it coming: „JavaScript is evil“ Stallman Anti-JavaScript rant: (i think he complains more about, that most JavaScripts don’t come with […]

Setup Bluetooth Headset under linux debian gnome2 mate desktop

preparations on terminal: detect your hardware: you can get old but well supported notebooks/laptops here like the dell latitude e4310 with this intel-spy-on-me wifi/bluetooth module on board: lshw |grep lue description: Bluetooth wireless interface product: DW375 Bluetooth Module capabilities: bluetooth […]


# yum based (fedora/redhat/centos) yum update –exclude=kernel* # apt based apt-mark hold package-name* # to unhold: apt-mark unhold package-name*

Let the cow fly

means: „to party“ or „to make something work“ long story in a galaxy… far far away… „Es gab eine Zeit, in der Kühe die vorherrschende Spezies in der Galaxis war. Sie bebauten Planeten, so weit das Auge reichte. Ihr Horizont […]


i want to create a autostart script that starts whenever the server starts. mkdir /scripts vim /scripts/ #!/bin/bash echo „========= starting up docker service“ systemctl start docker echo „========= starting up docker containers“ docker start containername vim /scripts/ #!/bin/bash echo […]

VestaCP disable roundcube webmail

CentOS7: # search for roundcube config file find / -name *roundcubemail.conf* /usr/local/vesta/install/rhel/6/roundcube/roundcubemail.conf /usr/local/vesta/install/rhel/7/roundcube/roundcubemail.conf /usr/local/vesta/install/rhel/5/roundcube/roundcubemail.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/roundcubemail.conf # search for installed packages yum list installed |grep roundcube roundcubemail.noarch # is enough to disable roundcube rm -rf /etc/httpd/conf.d/roundcubemail.conf # seems to be no […]

open source hardware

OpenAI – dota bots beat best human players

get the source: (mostly Python?) „Deep Reinforcement Learning via Bayesian Neural Networks“ Gym Retro, a new platform integrating classic games into Gym, starting with 30 SEGA Genesis games. (src) MarI/O: neural network learning bot playing: Mario comes with source […]

Meltdown Demo at GitHub – RedHat explains MELTDOWN

MELTDOWN (exploiting speculative execution to read ALL of the RAM of a server via CPU that has this feature (all CPUs back to Pentium MMX of 1996) explained: from RedHat Youtube Channel:   Demo at GitHub: Meltdown Proof-of-Concept: required: […]