RUST howto getting started – hello world

Why RUST? if one is viewing this site using Firefox or Gecko-Engine… one is running RUST already. At the beginning – one was big fan of Java – Java was/still is all the rage – theoretically write once – run […]

Russian IT Security Updates Dec3

SecurityLab, [22.11.19 08:23] French company Edenred reported a cyberattack using malware that affected an unknown number of computer systems. The company has launched an investigation to determine the extent of the contamination. Payment solution provider Edenred has been the victim […]

arduino getting started – blinking Hello World LED

setup: get a Laptop/PC/VirtualMachine with Debian 9 64Bit and install Arduino IDE 64Bit for Linux one could use OSX, but sorry, no Windows is not an option X-D attach Arduino with a USB-Printer-Cable like here. might need to fix some […]

Russian IT Security Updates Nov2

new Russian IT Security updates: thanks to and   SecurityLab, [06.11.19 16:12] The Libarchive compression library, which is included by default in Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Arch Linux, FreeBSD, and NetBSD distributions, contains a vulnerability that allows an attacker […]

Robot Russia FEDOR shoots guns
11.Nov.2019 2013: just in case if anyone was asking if the DARPA Robot challenge was for helping mankind in space… well… that and other things. 2017: the Russians have their robot challenge as well, further fueling the arms race (spending […]


SecurityLab, [01.11.19 15:21] Google has released fixes for two vulnerabilities in Chrome, including a zero-day vulnerability exploited in real-world attacks. The issues are fixed in browser version 78.0.3904.87 for Windows, Mac and Linux, and users are strongly advised to install […]

Erfahrungen mit Congstar Telekom Mobilfunk D1 – Congstar: Licht und Schatten des pinken Riesen – „Wie ich will“ Prepaid mit monatlichen Vertrags-Verwirrungs-Optionen und Droh-Ansagen – Wifi WLAN in Berlin

short version: + D1 Masten nicht überbucht + LTE + Hotline gut erreichbar – „wie ich will“ Prepaid-Vertrag-Verwirrungen: gibt Verträge von Congstar/D1 (20€), für 14€ pro Monat bekommt man „was ich will“ Prepaid mit „vertraglichen Optionen“, daraus resultieren nervige lästige […]

another reason NOT to use wireless keyboards

„In the popular series of wireless keyboards Fujitsu LX390 found two dangerous vulnerabilities. According to researchers from the company SySS, exploitation of vulnerabilities allows nearby attackers to „spy“ passwords entered on the keyboard, or even to seize control of the […]