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Free Web Video Conferencing with firefox

install firefox app and test it for free here: When Browsers start to talk to each other – Open Source HTML5 based Web Video Audio Conferencing WebCam ScreenSharing – Collaboration over internet WebRTC („Web Real-Time Communication„) enables applications such […]


1. download (got it from you can also try previous versions, fp11 also worked) 2. extract the file flashplayer15_0r0_167_winax.msi 3. right click the file and click „install“ 4. check if it worked by visiting this site or youtube: The „normal“ way […]


„follow me and everything’s allright“ (i hope so Uncle Kracker) trying older version of flash: -> flashplayer11_9r900_170_winax.msi -> this actually worked straight away. found here: it’s understandable that m$ wants flash under it’s control – rolling it by themselves to […]


Flashplayer 15 (latest Version 11.2014) is VERY HARD TO GET WORKING on windows 8 embedded standard with ie10. (i got it to work once… don’t ask me how i did it  Follow this guide: or that guide: