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… so schnell kann es gehen. Gestern noch Marktführer im Mobiltelefon-Segment… morgen pleite. Warum? Trend verschlafen. Vermutlich auf hohem Ross geritten… Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall. Oder war es doch ein Trojan-CEO? With $7.17 Billion Nokia Buy, Microsoft Brings Its […]


you can access your pictures on yor sd card „over the air“ via: download:


you can import vcf without further software from e.g. OSX Adressbook select all contacts and export them into a contacts.vcf file. access your phone’s internal memory via PC-usb cable: go into contacts, press the left soft key, choose import, choose […]


if possible (hardware support) please use replicant, not cyanogen – it might fix this backdoor: successor to cyanogen mod: LineageOS: All i9300 users: -> <- download the latest STABLE / MILESTONE / SNAPSHOT version: Cyanogen Mod […]


here you can download the opera mobile emulator emulating for osx, windows and linux numerous mobile devices like the nokia n800:  thanks to some spanish speaking guys it’s also possible to have a spanish android version in virtualbox: […]


IMHO blackberry was a great device offering a complete qwertz-keyboard (for me touchscreens are still a little typo-problematic). The small screen was no disadvantage for me, as it could not crack as easily as the „fullscreen“ iphones or androids resulting […]