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how to verify Debian ISO Image – BAD signature – how to sign a file – chain of trust – the problem with short key IDs

make sure you downloaded the SHA512SUMS.sign from the same directory as the iso. otherwise you will get BAD signature. steps to reproduce: # download the iso image with non-free drivers (yes it sucks non-free drivers are […]


AES is often used in conjunction with IPSec-VPNs. K.U. Leuven, Belgium; Microsoft Research Redmond, USA; ENS Paris and Chaire France Telecom, France Abstract. Since Rijndael was chosen as the Advanced Encryption Standard, improving upon 7-round attacks on the 128-bit key […]

gpg cheat sheed – encrypting files with gpg

Warning! while gpg is very likely sound and solid encryption – what is far more likely to be compromised is YOUR HARDWARE – every network card – wifi card – usb UMTS G3 modem – PCI-Card – contains enough RAM […]


update: Bitcoin Gold hacked – 18 Million USD stolen   Elliptische Kurven: hm… hatte ich nie viel zu tun mit. Ist aber die Basis von ECDSA welcher verwendet wird um die echtheit von Bitcoin-„Überweisungen“ zu verifizieren. Schlüsselpare: Es […]


Update: 2018.02: This combination works very very well: gpg –version -> gpg (GnuPG) 2.0.22 mirror backup download link: sha512sum: well yes ok take 15min… or 30min… Snowden has used it: Why this is important Recent government spying revelations […]